Ever wondered what happens at London Fashion Week for real people?
PRP will show you.

Friday, 14 January 2011


So we have mentioned before that  Vanessa Jackman is our favist blogger in the whole world.  Well we have also mentioned that she is a friend too, but perhaps we should go into the whole story....

Once upon a London Fashion Week, circa 2010 SS, Row and Peony had never seen a fashion show, let alone been to LFW or any other week for that matter. They were also yet to met the other 'P'.... Pete, who was yet to venture to London. 
However Row and Peony took their first steps towards fashion when the BFC moved to Somerset House, extraordinarily close to their then university.  Fate had called and Row and Peony were ready to answer, dressing in their bestest clothes, they went to have a look around the courtyard, after a lecture... no passes and no tickets meant that they only sat and looked from the Lavazza coffee cafe. 
One of these lonesome days when Row was running late for uni (as always), Peony stood outside on the phone, when along came Ms VJ, she asked if Peony would brave the freezing weather and take off her coat for a picture, she did and as they say the rest is history.
A couple of days later Vanessa saw Peony and Row and asked for a picture of both, and so the three were united at last.  
The pictures that were the product of those first meetings follow...

After this Vanessa, Row and Peony stayed in touch... And they all lived happily ever after... well kind of! They are still friends and Vanessa now knows Pete too.

So here are Vanessa's pictures of PRP from LFW SS 2011... 
Thanks Vanessa... we love you!


  1. All of you are so totally amazing!! I love your style!!! you guys would be a HIT here in Montreal!!

  2. love it! love the floral dress with the gray cardi best!

  3. Vanessa is the sweetest and very talented photographer I ever met, so happy that she is doing very well...I'm looking forward to seeing her again at LFW.

  4. I just found your blog from Vanessa's blog and I am feeling quite amazed at how inspiring both your blogs to be! So rare. I am following for sure x