Ever wondered what happens at London Fashion Week for real people?
PRP will show you.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Its been alot of fun...

But now we are all moving on...

No new posts will be made here on PRP.
So if you still want to keep up with us find...

Row on twitter HERE!

Pete on his new blog HERE!

Peony on her blog HERE!

Thank you so much for following us.  We have loved having you here. 
Good bye for a while... we hope you join us at our new homes. 

Much Love

The PRP Team 

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pete Navey

Pete is starting a new blog, more for his photography bits and pieces, it has just been put online, with photos from a few of the london AW11 shows and a whole lot more to come, so check it out here

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Street Peeping MR PETE

We have noticed that the display of Mr Navey's style was rather lacking...
So here he is on the fabulous Streetpeeper! Check out the original Here!

Friday, 14 January 2011


So we have mentioned before that  Vanessa Jackman is our favist blogger in the whole world.  Well we have also mentioned that she is a friend too, but perhaps we should go into the whole story....

Once upon a London Fashion Week, circa 2010 SS, Row and Peony had never seen a fashion show, let alone been to LFW or any other week for that matter. They were also yet to met the other 'P'.... Pete, who was yet to venture to London. 
However Row and Peony took their first steps towards fashion when the BFC moved to Somerset House, extraordinarily close to their then university.  Fate had called and Row and Peony were ready to answer, dressing in their bestest clothes, they went to have a look around the courtyard, after a lecture... no passes and no tickets meant that they only sat and looked from the Lavazza coffee cafe. 
One of these lonesome days when Row was running late for uni (as always), Peony stood outside on the phone, when along came Ms VJ, she asked if Peony would brave the freezing weather and take off her coat for a picture, she did and as they say the rest is history.
A couple of days later Vanessa saw Peony and Row and asked for a picture of both, and so the three were united at last.  
The pictures that were the product of those first meetings follow...

After this Vanessa, Row and Peony stayed in touch... And they all lived happily ever after... well kind of! They are still friends and Vanessa now knows Pete too.

So here are Vanessa's pictures of PRP from LFW SS 2011... 
Thanks Vanessa... we love you!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Daks Archive Opening Party - London

Recently PRP attended the Daks Archive Opening Party... thanks to Pete. It was a lovely night, the canapes were perfection and they had the most fun party favour.... an instant old style photobooth!

How cute are the little packets you get your pictures in?!

The PRP Team!

Peony may have pressed the 'wind machine' button by mistake...

And here are a couple of outfit shots of Row and Peony...

Row is wearing a Zara coat, Topshop jeans and boots, Louis Vuitton bag and Stella McCartney shirt.

Peony is wearing YSL shoes, Falke tights, a vintage playsuit, Hermes belt and Alaia coat.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Peony Lim

So Peony has decided to start another blog as well... Its more general than PRP so we hope you will enjoy both for different reasons. Today is the first day it is up and running so it really is brand new!
Just click the link to have a look... HERE!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

PRP on blogs = google sickness!

A pair and a spare  wrote a story about wrap skirts, and included a picture of Peony's (by Peter Pilotto) funnily enough this skirt is not as it seems.  In fact Row and Peony had to do a little DIY to it! Ironic really given this post. This skirt is actually floor length! It was just safety pinned up to make it short. No scissors needed!

State of Sunday